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Summer Registration Is Open!


Skate Shops


We recommend buying skates from the following stores. Bring the skater with you so they can have their foot measured and fitted properly to the skates. Skate sizes are different than shoe sizes.

1) United Sport & Cycle

  • 7620 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton 
  • (780) 433-1181

2) ProSkate

  • 16972-111 Avenue NW, Edmonton
  • (780) 481-5532

3) Play It Again Sports

  • 13883 156th St NW, Edmonton
  • (780) 705-7271


Skate Adjustments

Aligned Custom Skate Performance

  • (780) 467-1940
  • 104, 118 Provincial Ave Sherwood Park, AB


Participants must provide their own equipment for all skating lessons. Skaters may not be permitted on the ice if they do not have proper items. Quality equipment that fits well makes a huge difference in a skater's enjoyment of their lessons and promotes progressive skill acquisition.

Group Skating Lessons

1) Hockey Skates or Figure Skates

  • Blades must be sharpened at the store prior to skating. Sharpening at the start of each 2-month session is recommended.
  • Skates that fit well with laces all the way up and good ankle support are very important.
  • No plastic skates with buckles or adjustable sizes.
  • Beginner Figure Skating Group requires figure skates, plus the equipment listed below.

2) Hockey Helmet, CSA Approved 

  • The face mask on a hockey helmet is optional
  • Wearing a neck guard not required but you're welcome to do so
  • Elbow and knee guards can be hard to move in. Please purchase volleyball knee pads if you want extra padding.

3) Winter Gloves, Jacket, Athletic pants

  • Avoid bulky snow pants as they are difficult to move around in and skaters get too hot
  • Ensure skaters can move freely and easily in what they are wearing to class
  • Gloves must be worn to protect fingers from ice and blades
  • Wear clothing that covers skin (arms, wrists, neck, etc)

4) Skate Guards

  • Hard guards protect blades and preserve sharpening when walking on floor
  • Recommended, but optional
  • Store with soft guards. Wipe skate blades dry after class before storing them. This prevents rusting


CSA-Certified Hockey Helmets are mandatory. Skaters will not be allowed on the ice without the required helmet.


Figure Skating Lessons

1) Proper Figure Skates

  • Recreational skates are not permitted.
  • There are only 2 stores in the city that sell Figure Skates. United Sport and Cycle and ProSkate.
  • Skate blades must only be sharpened at the two stores listed above.

2) Skate Guards

  • Hard guards protect blades and preserve sharpening when walking on floor and are required.
  • Store with soft guards. Wipe skate blades dry after class before transporting and storing them. This prevents rusting. 

3) Attire

  • Athletic clothing which allows the coach to see body lines is required.
  • Sweater with no hood, tights with leggings over top/skating dress/skating or track pants for boys, gloves.
  • Long hair must be tied back neatly and securely.
  • Running shoes and water bottle are required for off-ice classes.

4) Hockey Helmet, CSA Approved (Beginner Figure Skating & Jr Prep.

  • Required for the Beginner Figure Skating & Junior Prep Program.
  • No bicycle helmets permitted on the ice.