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Summer Registration Is Open!

(Fall 2024 Registration Opens July 1st!)


Learn to Skate FAQ's

Q: Do I provide my own skates?

A: YES! Head to our EQUIPMENT page for more info on what you need!

Q: Where can I register?

A: Please head to OUR PROGRAMS to see what programs might fit your child's ability. Then click on REGISTRATION to register your skater.

Q: I want to plan ahead, are there dates to mark?

YES! Head to our CALENDAR for all important dates.

Q: Why didn't my child get a report card? 

A: We don't provide report cards for less than 6 attended classes. This allows the majority of skaters the time to develop further in their skillset. 

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

A: Yes. A CSA-CERTIFIED HOCKEY HELMET is required for everyone participating in our Learn To Skate programs (PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Beginner Figure Skating, Adult & Jr Prep). 

Q: I already paid the Skate Canada number, why am I paying again?

A: The Skate Canada membership is paid annually in September. All skaters and coaches of Skate Canada sanctioned clubs are required to pay membership annually.

Q: My skater is missing a class, can I make it up or get a refund for the class missed?

A: Our program is a pre-registered program, not a drop-in program. All classes are non-refundable. 

Q. We no longer want to participate, can I get a refund?

A: If the class hasn't started, you can get a refund minus a $15 admin fee. Please email the club at to request a refund. Please note: There will be no refunds once the class starts.



Advanced Figure Skating FAQ's


Q. If my skater is unable to attend their registered skating day, can they make it up? 

A. Skaters are not guaranteed make-up days. This is pending coach availability and space. Skaters showing up to sessions without having pre-arranged with the main coach's approval will be turned away. Please contact your main coach to see if there is availability.

Q. My skater forgot their skating attire, can they wear their school clothes on the ice?

A. No. Skaters require proper equipment to participate. If their civilian clothing is unsafe or inappropriate for figure skating they will not be permitted on the ice. 

Q. My athlete does not want to stay for the full schedule, can they participate partially?

A. No. We offer a well-rounded program to ensure our athlete's safety first. Skaters looking to skate 1-3, 45-minute sessions per week are offered beginner figure skating in our learn to skate programming. 

Q. Junior prep is ages 4-8, this season my athlete will turn 8 - What will happen next?

A. If your athlete turns 8 in a skating year they will finish out the season in Junior Prep. When they pass all Star 1 assessments, they will move into Junior. If they have not passed their Star 1 assessments they will move into Beginner Figure Skating to continue working towards passing their Star 1 assessments. 

Q. How will I know when my skater is ready to move to the next level or their next assessment?

Please reach out to your main coach or program director for questions. Every athlete has a planned path that they are on to achieve their next task. Coaches will always reach out when the athlete is prepared to take their next assessment. 

Q. How do I know if my athlete is ready to assess?

A. Athletes need to demonstrate skills consistently through their independent practice time. When an athlete demonstrates strong skills, at their level of development, consistently in lessons and on their own, we know they have a full cognitive and physical understanding of what's being asked of their minds and bodies. This shows they are ready to assess their specific task.

Q. My athlete is older, why don't skate with more skaters their age?

A. Figure Skating programs are sorted by ability not age. Athletes must pass specific assessments to participate in different levels.

Q. My athlete will be missing ice time, whats the refund policy?

Refunds are only given for serious medical circumstances substantiated by a medical certificate that is equal to or more than 5 weeks off. All other requests for refunds will be subject to our cancellation policy. Casino, Volunteer and fundraising commitments must still be honoured, charges will be applied in the case of non-participation. All policies are listed in your account and linked below.


Advanced program Scheduled days - Click here 

Waiver, Withdrawal, Information Sharing Policy - Click here 

LateAbsence Notification Policy Preview.pdf