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January 2024 Registration Opens November 1st!



Next Gen - Jr Prep Program is for young athletes interested in figure skating. This program is a group class focused on figure skating skill development on the ice, and motor and vestibular development off the ice. This program is by invitation only.


We can't wait for you to join us!


Jr Prep Information & Schedule

Junior Program is for young athletes interested in figure skating and learning to train at an accelerated rate. For recreational and competitive skaters, coach approval is required to register in this program. Skaters are expected to arrive on time for all aspects of their program and participate with effort and intention to improve. These athletes are ready to meet the additional challenges of private lessons, independent practice time, assessments, and regional competitions.

See you on the ice!


Junior Information & Schedule


Our Intermediate B program athletes show dedication to their sport while learning to train. They progress through the various levels of figure skating, working toward personal excellence at an individual rate. Skaters are expected to use their independent practice time to improve upon skills they learned in their lessons.  Intermediate B skaters compete in the Star 3 Free Skate or higher level. Skater placement is at the coach's discretion.

See you on the ice!


Intermediate B - Information & Schedule



Our Intermediate A & Senior Program are skaters who are organized, highly  motivated, and dedicated to the sport. They progress through the various levels of  figure skating competitions and assessments towards personal excellence at an  individual rate. Skaters can choose to compete in the Star or Podium Pathway  categories. 

See you on the ice!


Intermediate A and Senior - Information & Schedule


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